The City of Worthington maintains more than 221 acres of developed and natural public areas. Neighborhood parks and playgrounds have been conveniently placed throughout the community within easy walking distance for everyone. Each park is designed for different purposes and offers a unique experience in athletics, passive recreation, natural vegetation and wildlife. Below is a map of park locations. Select a park to learn more (click on a map location or select a park name below the map).

For more information view Current Park Projects.
Worthington Park Map

Perry Park Snouffer Road Park Skate Park Olentangy River Parklands Linworth Park Evening Street Elementary Park Godown Road Park Shaker Square Park Griswold Center Village Green Park Boulevard / Devil's Hill Park Selby Park Indianola Park Pingree Park Huntley Bowl Park Wilson Hill Park Heischman Park McCord Park Community Center All Children's Playground All Childrens Playground Community Center All Childrens Playground Community Center McCord Park Heischman Park Wilson Hill Park Huntley Bowl Park Pingree Park East Granville Road Park Indianola Park Selby Park Park Boulevard Park Village Green Griswold Center Evening Street Elementary Playground Shaker Square Park Linworth Park Godown Park (Dog Park) Perry Park Snouffer Road Park Olentangy River Parklands Winding Adventures Skate Park Whitney Playground Highgate Playground Evening Street Elementary Playground Worthington Community Center Griswold Center East Granville Road Park Godown Park Heischman Park Huntley Bowl Park Indianola Park Linworth Park McCord Park All Chlidren's Playground Olentangy River Parklands Highgate Playground Whitney Playground Olentangy River Parklands Winding Adventures Skate Park Park Boulevard Park Perry Park Pingree Park Selby park Shaker Square Park Snouffer Road Park Village Green Wilson Hill Park

Worthington Parks & Recreation Facilities

  1. Community Center
  2. Griswold Center
  3. Evening Street Elementary Playground