Worthington International Friendship Association (WIFA)

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The Worthington International Friendship Association is committed to staying connected and providing relevant cultural information and resources during this time of social distancing. We invite you to explore some of the news making headlines in different cultures and enjoy inspirational stories of how the global pandemic is bringing people closer together.  Continue to check back as new content will be added on an ongoing basis. 

About WIFA

The Worthington International Friendship Association (WIFA) fosters intercultural friendships through special events, delegation exchanges, and educational programming. In 2019, the Cities of Worthington and Sayama, Japan celebrated their 20th anniversary as sister-cities. Since first establishing their friendship in 1993, hundreds of citizens, sports teams and city officials have visited each other’s countries to develop a mutual understanding. WIFA also coordinates cultural dinners, lectures and other international events. WIFA believes that understanding different cultures and customs is essential for living in the global community of the 21st century. For information call Anne Brown at (614) 854-7173 or email.

2020 Memberships (now include e-pay!)

Submit your 2020 membership application electronically and pay dues online

Download, print and mail your 2020 membership form along with dues payment

Board Meetings (the Board is meeting virtually, as needed, in 2020) 

  • 5:30 pm
  • Fourth Tuesday of each month
  • Worthington Municipal Building
    6550 N. High St.
    Worthington, OH 43085

Board Members

  • Wade Duym, President
  • Nicky Robie, Vice President
  • Joan Bird
  • Anne Brown
  • Christina Clark
  • Rachael Dorothy
  • Virginia Duym
  • Jeff Fickell
  • Ryan Hoover
  • Joe Kohler
  • Beth Kowalczyk
  • Bill McDonald
  • Marybeth McDonald
  • Lora Mitchell
  • Jonathan Mooers
  • Marsha Mueller
  • Kathryn Paugh
  • Meredith Southard
  • Gretchen Turner