Olentangy Balanced Growth Plan

2011 Olentangy Watershed Planning Partnership

City Council approved a resolution in support of the Olentangy Watershed Balanced Growth Plan on February 21, 2012.
In February of 2010, the City of Worthington partnered with 26 other communities to work with the Mid Ohio Regional Planning Commission (MORPC) on a Balanced Growth Plan for the Olentangy Watershed. Balanced Growth Planning is a process that provides communities with the opportunity to prioritize areas for directed development, conservation, and continued or expanded agricultural use at the regional level. The Olentangy Watershed Planning Partnership formed the following goal:

"The goal of the Olentangy Watershed Balanced Growth Plan is to protect, preserve, restore, and enhance the Olentangy River, its tributary system and areas that serve natural functions by encouraging conservation, development and agriculture in appropriate areas while recognizing the importance of the Watershed as an asset and respecting the uniqueness of our communities."

This goal is not entirely different from the thoughtful development pattern seen in Worthington. The City already uses tools such as zoning and the Comprehensive Plan to protect the watershed, and the Worthington Priority Area map contained in the Balanced Growth Plan reflects that reality.

The following links provide more information about the Olentangy Watershed Planning Partnership Balanced Growth Plan:
For more information contact Worthington Development Coordinator Lynda Bitar at (614) 854-7172 or email.