270-23-315 Construction Information

The I-270/US 23/SR 315 interchange has been identified as the third most congested interchange in Central Ohio. The completion of this project is vital to the City of Worthington, as it will bring much-needed improvements designed to decrease congestion and improve traffic flow and safety of the interchange and surrounding roadways. It will also greatly improve access to the City through its northern gateway for businesses, residents and visitors to our community. Visit the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) 270-23 website to see “live” traffic cameras, get project updates and sign-up to receive traffic alerts.

The 23-270 portion of the project is nearing completion, view the latest update from the ODOT North Side Fix page.

315 Interchange Underway

Construction on the final phase of the North Side Fix, at I-270 and SR-315 is underway. As part of the project, the Olentangy Trail is closed north of Worthington. Please see the project information from the Ohio Department of Transportation, including an alternate route for the bike path. The bike path is expected to reopen by the end of November 2016.

New ramp for U.S. 23 south to SR 315
ODOT will build a new ramp from U.S. 23 south to SR 315. This will be separate from the U.S. 23 south to I-270 west ramp. ODOT will also build two bridges for traffic coming from U.S. 23 north and south going to I-270 west that will go over the ramp to SR 315.
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New Lane for I-270 East to U.S. 23

ODOT will build an additional lane on I-270 east that starts just west of Linworth Rd. This new lane will be a bridge over top of the SR 315 ramp and will be the designated exit lane for I-270 east traffic to access U.S. 23.

New Ramp from SR 315 south to I-270 east and U.S. 23
ODOT will eliminate the "loop ramp" from SR 315 south to I-270 east and build a new "flyover ramp." There will also be a new bridge built for SR 315 north traffic that wants to go to I-270 east and U.S. 23. The new ramp from SR 315 north and south will be two lanes – one for traffic exiting at U.S. 23 and one for traffic staying on I-270 east. The combination of these new travel lanes means there will be less weaving and merging or "jockeying" for the same piece of pavement.
270-315 Rendering With Labels.jpg

Additional lane of SR 315 north from SR 161 to I-270

Reconstruct part of the Olentangy Trail

About 1,000 feet of the Olentangy Trail will be reconstructed underneath the new interstate ramps at I-270 and SR 315. It is not safe for cyclists and pedestrians to use the trail during heavy highway construction. That's because heavy equipment will be stored on the trail to allow crews to build the bridge and piers that support the new ramp. As a result, a portion of the trail will be closed for 15 months. For more information view the Olentangy Trail Alternate Route (PDF).

I-270 and US 23 Reconfiguration

Reconfigure two of the ramps at the interchange of I-270 and US 23

Two of the “loop ramps,” the ramp from I-270 E to US 23 N and the ramp from I270 W to US 23 S, will be reconfigured. ODOT will also add traffic signals at each of the new ramps to allow for better flow of traffic.
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Widen US 23

ODOT will widen US 23 from Northwoods Boulevard to Lazelle Road from two lanes to three lanes in each direction. ODOT will also build an additional lane on US 23 southbound from I-270 to Northwoods Boulevard.

Construct two northbound express lanes on US 23 - The Trench

ODOT will build two lanes under the surface roads that will carry through traffic. The “trench,” as we call it, will begin just north of I-270 and end south of Northwoods Boulevard North. If you are driving in the “trench” will not be able to access Campus View Boulevard and Flint Road. View the animation video below.

High Street Over I-270

A new, decorative fence with the name “Worthington” on it will be built along the US 23 bridge over I-270. Pillars with brick pattern and coloring and limestone caps will be featured on both sides of the bridge, matching walls will be built adjacent to the ramps at the interchange.
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