Huntley/Wilson Bridge/Worthington-Galena Intersection Project

The City of Worthington is collaborating with the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission (MORPC) and the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) to improve congestion and traffic flow at the intersection of Huntley Road / Wilson Bridge Road / Worthington-Galena Road, which is also known as the "Northeast Gateway." Preliminary construction of utilities is scheduled to begin later in 2019, with roadway construction beginning in 2020.  Funding for the project will be provided through a combination of MORPC Attributable Funds, The Ohio Public Works Commission, and local dollars.

Information was presented to City Council at its January 19, 2016 meeting describing the feasibility study, public comment and preferred alternatives. City Council approved the alternative described below. The project has entered the design phase after design funding was approved by City Council at its February 16, 2016 meeting.
Alt_Realignment_2 copy.jpg


Design features associated with the selected alternative.
  • Realign Huntley Road and the north leg of Worthington-Galena Road to the east to facilitate through movements in the north-south direction.
  • Realign the south leg of Worthington-Galena Road to intersect Wilson Bridge Road west of the existing intersection.
  • Cul-de-sac the existing Worthington-Galena Road, south of E. Wilson Bridge Road.
  • New traffic signals at realigned intersections.
  • New pavement, pavement markings and roadway signs.
  • New pedestrian facilities including sidewalks, shared-use paths and accessible curb ramps.
  • New pedestrian crossing countdown timers and push buttons at the signalized intersections.
  • New street lighting.
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