The Village at Worthington Square

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September 5, 2017 update:

Worthington City Council approved the property owner's request to withdraw the rezoning application for the new WBC-3 category. Without the rezoning, development plans are expected to be presented to the Architectural Review Board in the coming months under existing zoning. The property owner, The Witness Group, has been working with the City over the past year on the redevelopment of the site to provide a mix of uses that would complement the Wilson Bridge Corridor. A development plan has not yet been received by property owner. When plans are received, the project will go through the Municipal Planning Commission and Architectural Review Board process and include opportunities for public input. The item was tabled at an earlier meeting so the applicant can further refine their proposal. It will return for discussion at a later date.

12/8/16 Architectural renderings and site plan
12/8/16 meeting agenda packet

Previous meeting materials

11/10/16 Architectural renderings and site plan
11/10/16 meeting agenda packet
10/13/16 meeting agenda
6/23/16 ARB presentation
6/23/16 Agenda
3/10/16 ARB presentation
2/4/16 Town Hall Presentation

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For questions and comments to the City of Worthington, please call the Department of Planning and Building at (614) 431-2424 or by email.

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