Stafford Village - National Church Residences

Information is beginning to circulate in the Worthington community about possible improvements and future development of the Stafford Village and Stafford Court homes owned by National Church Residents (NCR). No application for development has been received by the City, as planning is still in very early stages. Once a development application has been received, the proposal will go through a public process with opportunities for comment and input at public meetings including the Municipal Planning Commission/Architectural Review Board and possibly City Council, depending on the level of the redevelopment plan. In the meantime, NCR is talking with its current residents and making initial improvements to accessibility and safety of the facilities. For more information sign up for Project Notifications.

Information Shared with Old Worthington Residents by NCR

National Church Residences is a central Ohio based non-profit organization focused on senior living and services, with an active presence in Worthington since 1970. National Church Residences is pleased to announce that in March of 2016 it will commence approximately $100,000 worth of capital improvements to its 88 unit Stafford Village/Stafford Court senior campus. The capital improvements will focus on accessibility and life safety improvements immediately benefiting the existing senior residents. The senior campus is located east of High Street - between Stafford Avenue and North Street - and was constructed over 40 years ago. National Church Residences recognizes the need for a more comprehensive update of this aging senior campus, but at this point National Church Residences is still in the very early stages of fact gathering and preliminary visioning. During the next six months it will focus on seeking the informal input of the existing senior residents, neighbors, civic leaders and community partners. National Church Residences anticipates completing the aforementioned informal information gathering prior to presenting any formal plans and/or requests to the City of Worthington. National Church Residences recognizes the City of Worthington has a very detailed and community driven formal planning and zoning process, involving multiple opportunities for public comment and input over an extended time period, and – in addition to the aforementioned informal information gathering - National Church Residences is committed to respecting the City’s formal process.