The Griswold Center offers a balance of programs in arts, drama, sports, fitness and education, along with a variety of trips! All of our programs and events are published on a quarterly basis in the Griswold Activity Brochure.

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Registration Dates

Resident, Working & Griswold Volunteer Members March 28 April 25 May 23
Non-Resident Members March 29 April 26 May 24
Non-Members March 30 April 27 May 25
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  3. Residency Information

March Registration Form  |  ​April Registration Form  | ​May Registration Form  |  June Registration Form

Refund Policy

Transportation Policy

​All Griswold Trips will depart from the Griswold Center at the time listed in the brochure. Transportation to the Griswold Center is available for all Worthington residents, including Melbourne, Stafford and The Residences of Worthington, upon request. Pick-ups for those needing transportation to the Griswold Center will begin 30 minutes before the departure time listed. Please call the Center if you have any transportation questions.


Photography Policy

​Photographs/videos are occasionally taken of participants of activities and visitors to facilities of the Worthington Parks and Recreation Department. These photographs/videos are used to promote Parks and Recreation programming and facilities in future Activity Brochures and a variety of other City of Worthington publications and social media. If you prefer that you or your child not be photographed during a registered program, you must “opt-out” on or before the first day of each listed course by completing an “opt-out” form at the Center's registration desk. For any non-registered activities or visits to our parks or facilities, please notify the photographer if you prefer that you or your child not be photographed.