Park Projects updated 8.14.19

Linworth Soccer Field

The Linworth Soccer field refurbishment project will begin on August 15. The project will include killing off existing turf, removing dead turf, grading work, filling holes, leveling irrigation valve boxes, and will end with seeding. The field will be transitioned from the current mix of rye and bluegrass to a turf type tall fescue blend. The sports turf is more durable and takes less water so it is better for play and maintenance. The project is projected to be completed by the end of August (2019) but the field will be closed until the turf is adequately established. We are projecting an estimated date of reopening to be Fall of 2020.

Pingree Fountain

The fountain is finished with the exception of the hot box and heater which is on order.

Snouffer Clearing

Snouffer Clearing work will continue when weather permits.

Police Department Wall

The Police Department Retaining wall project is done except for the landscaping and that will be done when time permits.

Tree Removal

Misc. trees will be removed throughout the parks as weather permits.