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2019 Citizens Academy

  1. 2019 Worthington Citizens Academy Application

    The City of Worthington Citizens Academy is a seven-week program designed to help Worthington residents learn more about their city... More…

Boards & Commissions Applications

  1. Board, Commission and Committee Application

    Use this application to apply for service on the City of Worthington's Boards, Commissions and Committees.

  1. Community Visioning Committee

    Use this application to apply for service on the City of Worthington Community Visioning Committee. The application deadline is... More…

Employee Newsletter

  1. Ask the City Manager

    Do you have questions you've been wanting to ask about City operations, policies and procedures or benefits? City Manager Matt Greeson... More…

  1. City of Worthington Employee Newsletter Submissions

    Do you have an idea for content to be featured in a future edition of the Worthington @ Work employee newsletter? Is there someone who... More…

Food Scraps Drop Off Registration Form

  1. Food Scraps Drop Off Pilot Program Registration Form

    The first 400 households within the City of Worthington to register will participate in the Food Scraps Drop off Pilot Program. ... More…

New Forms

  1. Business Security Contact Sheet

    This form is used to submit emergency contact information to the Worthington Police Department. After completion you will be contacted... More…

  1. Traffic Complaint

    Form for reporting traffic complaints to Worthington Police