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Emergency Medical Services
Several years ago we added the word "EMS" to our Department name. This change was made to reflect that EMS accounts for the largest portion of service we provide to our community. Our Department responds to well over 2,000 Emergency Medical Calls annually - approximately 65% of our responses. 

Our EMS vehicles are equipped with well trained and experienced personnel. Three members are assigned to an EMS vehicle, at least two of which are EMT-Ps (Paramedics) and one an EMT-A (Basic). This three person crew is assisted by Fire Companies on runs which may require Advanced Life Support (ALS). Such runs include possible heart attacks, unconscious persons, traumas, etc. The vehicles carry medications, airway adjuncts, Cardiac Monitor / Defibrillator, and other devices used to stabilize and support persons experiencing difficulties. 

We are fortunate in this area to have several well respected hospitals able to provide expert definitive care to our patients. We strive to accommodate patients as much as possible, frequently transporting them to a receiving hospital of their choice. Unfortunately, staffing at these hospitals is sometimes overwhelmed and we may be required to transport a patient to an alternate facility. In all cases, our members will transport to the hospital best able to handle a patient's needs.