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Court Liaison

The Worthington Division of Police Court Liaison coordinates communication between court prosecutors and police personnel. The main function of the Court Liaison is to act as an intermediary between the division of police and the Franklin County Court Systems.

The liaison works with the courts to either cancel or call in those employees necessary to testify in criminal and traffic proceedings in order to minimize hours spent in court.   The Court Liaison, through this action, is able to substantially reduce the amount of court-related overtime expenditures while keeping patrol officers in the city on patrol or on their scheduled time off.

The Liaison also serves as a currier of court documents and an information source for anyone who has court-related questions.  When not working as the liaison to the Franklin County Court System, the liaison performs the Court Bailiff duties for the City of Worthington’s
Mayor's Court.  The Court Bailiff is responsible for opening and closing court, calling cases, reading statement of fact regarding a case, and calling witnesses.