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Traffic Enforcement
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The Division of Police receives numerous complaints about speeding vehicles in local neighborhoods and all too often we have limited information regarding the complaint. 
Most complaints from residents are limited to a simple complaint of “people speeding in the neighborhood.”  Complaints usually lack the time of day or day of week in which the problem is occurring and most peoples’ perception of speeding vehicles is highly inflated over the actual vehicle speed.

Faced with limited resources and the demands being placed on our officers to handle calls for service, the Division felt that the StealthStat computer would be a valuable tool to compliment our traffic safety program.  The StealthStat computer is equipped with a radar antenna, a battery and is used as a tool to capture statistical data.  The non-descript unit is hung on a traffic pole where it continually records traffic data which includes date, time, speed, and direction of all vehicles traveling down a stretch of roadway.

The StealthStat computer is just one component of our traffic safety program.  The collected statistical information enables the Division to allocate our resources where they can be the most effective.  Once StealthStat identifies a problem area, officers can be assigned to work the area pro-actively taking the necessary traffic enforcement actions.  This information can also be provided to local residents to explain the traffic patterns and driver behavior in their neighborhood.  The goal of the Division of Police is to provide a safe environment for our residents and motoring public through a combined effort of education and enforcement activities.

If you are a local resident and would like to report a traffic concern or to request the speed trailer or StealthStat to be utilized in your neighborhood, you may contact the Division and request to speak to a patrol bureau supervisor.  If you would like more information regarding the use of StealthStat or have questions, you may contact Sergeant James Moran, e-mail:  .  Sergeant James Moran is in charge of the StealthStat program.