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Weed Ordinance
Weed Ordinance
Section 521.13 of Worthington's City Code specifies that no person, whether owner, lessee, agent, tenant or any other person having charge or care of land in the City, shall permit noxious weeds or other undesirable vegetation, grasses, etc. to grow to a height in excess of 12 inches, or to mature their seeds, or fail to cut and destroy such weeds.

When the Director of Service & Engineering finds a violation of the weed ordinance, a notice of violation will be sent via certified mail, ordering the property owner to cut or destroy such weeds within 5 days. In the event the owner does not comply with the order within the time limit, the Department of Service & Engineering will perform the work and charge the property owner with a minimum fee covering the labor, equipment use and andy materials used to perform the work.

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