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Other Wastes
Furniture And Appliances
Sofas, stoves, hot water heaters, tables, mattresses, washers/dryers, etc. will be collected with regular trash collection. Gently used items may be donated for reuse.  Visit SWACO for more information.

CFC Appliances (Refrigerators and Dehumidifiers)
These items will not be picked up with regular collection and require special arrangements.

CFC Appliances – Any appliance containing Freon such as: refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, dehumidifiers require disposal by certified professionals. Visit SWACO for a list of service providers.

Currently, AEP Ohio is picking up refrigerators that are in working condition.  To learn if you qualify, visit AEP.

Motor Oil and Car Batteries
May be dropped off at the Service & Engineering Department daily. Motor oil may not be mixed with other material and must be in a leak-proof container and labeled. Please set it outside the gate, at the north end of the building, in the designated shed.

Tires will not be collected. They may be dropped off at the following locations:
• NTB at 4800 Sinclair Rd. (433-1303) and 6700 Schrock Rd (846-8001) for a fee.
• Liberty Tire Service at 3041 Jackson Pike (871-8097) for a fee.

Visit SWACO for more options.

Christmas Trees
Residents may dispose of Christmas trees and other live greenery by setting them out for the year-round Friday Yard Waste Collections or by bringing them to the Service & Engineering Department (380 Highland Ave. Monday - Friday 8AM - 4PM). Since all trash must be separated from yard waste, all decorations including tinsel, ornaments and supporting wire must be removed before setting to the curb. In addition, trees cannot be covered with plastic bags or tarps. Trees left covered will not be picked up. Trees taller than 5 feet must be cut in two pieces. For more information, call the Service & Engineering Department at 431-2425.