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Drinking Water
Although the City of Worthington owns all of the water mains within the City, Worthington contracts with the City of Columbus to provide drinking water and to maintain all public water mains. Service lines from the curb to the home are the maintenance responsibility of the homeowner.
  • To report Rusty Water call Columbus Division of Water at 645-7691
  • To report Water Breaks call Columbus Division of Water at 645-7788
  • Billing Concerns call Columbus Division of Water at 645-8270

For more information about the City of Columbus Division of Water visit Columbus Public Utilities

Fire Hydrants
Fire Hydrant
The responsibility of Fire Hydrants are shared between the Worthington Department of Service & Engineering and the Worthington Fire Department. The Fire Department will notify all affected residents before flushing hydrants. Questions on hydrant flushing should be directed to the Fire Department at 885-7640

Task                                                  Responsibility    
  • Testing and Flushing             Fire Department
  • Painting                              Service & Engineering Department
  • Repair & Replacement           Service & Engineering Department

Hydrant Permits
For residents or contractors interested in using a fire hydrant to fill swimming pools, water trucks or irrigate new lawns, a fire hydrant permit is required. Permits are only issued for five hydrant locations within the City of Worthington.  For a list of permitted hydrants please call the Service & Engineering Department at 614-431-2425. Permits are issued by the Fire Department and must be approved by Columbus Public Utilities and the Worthington Department of Service & Engineering.  Please keep in mind that the City of Columbus assesses a per gallon fee for these types of uses. For more information, call the Worthington Service Department at 431-2425.