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Record Plans
The City’s record plans exist as physical sheets stored at the Department of Service & Engineering and as electronic documents. Some facts about the plans include:
• There are over 1200 plans totaling more than 5000 individual sheets
• The oldest document is the 1874 version of the original 1803 Plat of Worthington which defines the layout of old Worthington
• Since 2005 most plans have been scanned and are available using the Record Plan Search
• Current City maps are available on the Maps for Download page

Plan cabinets

200.000-299.999 – Plats – Legal descriptions of land parcels including subdivisions
300.000-399.999 – Streets – Construction drawings for new streets and street improvements
400.000-499.999 – Sanitary Sewers – Construction drawings for new sanitary sewers and sanitary sewer improvements
500.000-599.999 – Storm Sewers – Construction drawings for new storm sewers and storm sewer improvements
600.000-699.999 – Water Mains – Construction drawings for new water mains and water distribution improvements
700.000-799.999 – Miscellaneous – City maps, additions or improvements to city buildings and parks, and some private commercial development
800.000-899.999 – Other Utility – Utilities not owned or operated by the City