Applications & Documents

Below are permit applications for the Division of Building Regulation. Forms and fees can differ depending on whether the project involves a one-, two- or three- family building (1-, 2-, 3- family) or a four or more family, commercial or industrial building (all others). Please follow the 'Instructions for Filing' attached to the application(s). If you have questions contact the Division of Building Regulation at (614) 431-2424. Other permit applications are available from the City Clerk, Division of Planning and Department of Service & Engineering.

Permit / Document Type
1, 2, 3 Family
All Others
Permit Application
Certificate of Occupancy information N/A Document
Demolition Permit (also see Ohio EPA letter) Application
Development Permit (within a special flood hazard area) Application
Fees Fee Schedule Fee Schedule
Fence Permit Application
Sign Permit N/A Application
Resubmittal Form  Form