Utility Location


As a member of the Ohio Utilities Protection Service or OUPS the City of Worthington locates the following utilities in the Rights of Way and Easements within the city:
Sanitary sewers
Storm sewers
Water mains owned by the Worthington and not by the City of Columbus (mostly 12in diameter and smaller)
• City electric for street lights
Traffic control wiring
• City owned communication cables

How OUPS works

Anyone who digs into the ground in Ohio is required to call OUPS at 8-1-1. The caller indicates the location of the excavation, the work to be done, the tools to be used, and some other details. OUPS then sends a ticket to each owner or operator of a utility that may be in the area. Each utility is responsible to mark its assets within 48 working hours excluding holidays. Those markings are valid for 10 days after which the caller must call for new markings if no work has been started.

For Homeowners

OUPS has more information for homeowners including the utility color codes. Residents can use the OUPS Interactive Map or contact the Service & Engineering Department at 431-2425 to determine what work has been called in for any markings at their property.

Positive Response

If you are a contractor or homeowner who has called in a ticket you can check the positive response page to determine what utilities have marked or have indicated “No Conflict” at your excavation site.