Officer-in-Charge: Fire Chief Mark Zambito

Chief Mark Zambito

Our History of Service

Welcome and thank you for the privilege of your time as you navigate and explore the City of Worthington Division of Fire & EMS web pages.

Our origins can be traced back to the time when we were the Sharon Township Fire Department. In the mid-1990s, the City of Worthington became responsible for funding fire department service through the income taxes it collects. As a township department, we had been supported through property taxes and levies. This change afforded the community some financial benefits, but operationally we're still providing service to the same geographic areas that we had been serving prior to the change. These include the City of Worthington, Riverlea, Sharon Township, and a portion of Perry Township.

Our firefighters respond to over 5,000 incidents annually. Approximately two-thirds of these responses are EMS or rescue assistance calls. As an "all-hazards" agency, we also respond to structure fires, highway crashes, hazardous materials releases, building collapses, natural disasters, and a myriad of other emergencies. We average about six emergency incidents per shift, between checking and maintaining equipment, caring for the fire station, training, educating the public, and inspecting buildings.

All of our emergency response members work a 24/48 shift. This means they work one day for 24 hours and the are off-duty for two days. Three rotating shifts (or "units", as they are called in central Ohio) provide coverage 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year - no exceptions. We're there for you at all times.

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