Department Chronology

Historical Department Events

1835 The Village of Worthington is incorporated.
1836 The first fire wardens are appointed by ordinance. The ordinance also set regulations for ladders, buckets, construction and inspections. All males over the age of 18 could participate.
1836-1890 Fire protection is provided by buckets, ladders and the addition of hand-operated pumps.
1891 The first evidence of taxes for the Fire Department in the Village of Worthington emerges.
1895 The Village Council spends $50 from the Fire Department Fund for sinking a well on the Village Green.
1897 The Village Council purchases four fire extinguishers from C.W. Sutphen. They wanted to buy a large chemical engine, but there were insufficient funds.
1899 The council purchases a chemical engine with two wheels and two tanks - one to be filled while the other is used. The engine is tested on the public square.
1907 The Fire Department obtains a large fire bell.
1908 Fire protection is provided by one chemical engine and one hand engine. A brochure on Worthington is created.
1913 The Village water system is installed. Fire protection is given as one reason for the water system.
1916 The formal Fire Department with officers is organized in the Village.
1917 The Village obtains a 1917 Model T Ford truck equipped as a pumper for fire protection.
1922 The Fire Department is located at 665-667 High Street. Its equipment includes one Ford truck equipped with 800 feet of 2.5-inch hose and ladders and one chemical truck equipped with 160 feet of 3/4-inch chemical hose. An alarm tower is located in the rear of the building.
1931 Sharon Township forms a Fire Department from three mill levies in November of 1930. The department served the village and township, because there wasn't enough tax base in the Village alone. The Township purchased an open cab truck from the Seagrave Company for $5,500, as well as 500 feet of hose at $1 per foot.
1931 The new fire house adjoining Town Hall is built facing Hartford Street. Sharon Township trustees name new officers for the department.
1944 The Township Fire Department obtains a Dodge truck with a 500-gallon pump for $5,000 to replace the 1931 truck.
1949-1950 The Sharon Township fire house is built on its current site with two bays.
1952 A GMC pumper is added to the Township Fire Department.
1953 An emergency squad is added to the Fire Department.
1960 A Ford pumper is added to the department.
1973 A Heartmobile is added to the department.
1975 The Fire Department vehicles are painted lime yellow.
1976 Fire hydrants are painted red, white and blue for the bicentennial.
1976 The Fire Department purchases a 100-foot aerial platform for $228,190.
1982 The Worthington City Council considers abolishing Sharon Township and assuming responsibility for the Fire Department.
1991 A new emergency vehicle is painted red (changed from lime yellow).