Community Programs

Prevention & Education Programs

The Worthington Fire Department's educational offerings are varied and dynamic. Presently, our members provide the following public education offerings:

  • Crews for block parties or neighborhood meetings
  • Firefighters Community Park
  • Home inspections
  • Hydrant flushing
  • Juvenile fire setter counseling/education
  • Smoke detector assistance
  • Speakers for public meetings and events
  • Station tours
  • CPR Training - CPR Classes are not currently being offered. We will update the information when they are available. 
  • Open House - Our annual open house takes place in October and features numerous public education booths and activities for children and adults.
  • Education - Our department is also involved with local schools and colleges, serving as a host site for shadowing programs, career development and technical mentoring in both emergency medical service and fire technologies.

For more information, please call 614-885-7640.