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Worthington City Council appointed 13 Worthington residents to serve on the Community Visioning Committee and to lead the comprehensive community-wide visioning process. The following individuals were selected and approved by the City Council at its June 24, 2019 meeting. Read committee member bios.

  • Laura Abu-Absi        
  • Kathryn Burris                           
  • Catey Corl
  • Paul Cynkar
  • Cynthia Findlay        

  • Matt Lees
  • Jon Melchi
  • Linda Mercadante
  • Austin Mitchell         
  • Don Mottley       

  • Joe Sherman             
  • Beth Sommer
  • Graham Wood

See the Council Resolution and Job Description.

The Community Visioning Committee was tasked with steering the citizen-led visioning process, engaging and listening to community members, and developing a well-grounded articulation of the community’s aspirations for the future of Worthington. City Council selected Poggemeyer Design Group as the visioning consultant to work with the citizen committee to develop the process and engage the community. 

City Council received over 50 applications from citizens wishing to serve on the Visioning Committee. From the applications, they narrowed down the list, conducted interviews, and selected six individuals. Each of the seven City Council members also made appointments, for a committee total of 13 people.

“We are excited about the enthusiasm and interest we are getting from residents about this visioning process,” said City Council President Bonnie Michael. “Council is grateful to the new committee members for their time and commitment to the Worthington community. We thank them for their willingness to lead this important visioning journey and encourage all residents to have a voice and get involved.”

The Committee elected a chairperson to help run the group. In the event a member resigned the relevant Council member or the Council as a whole would act to appoint a substitute.

To the extent possible, the Council included the following considerations in appointments:

  • Geographic coverage of the city
  • Age, gender, ethnicity range representation
  • Residents who are active in various community groups
  • Inclusion of persons who work in the community
  • Various constituency groups of the community are represented
  • Inclusion of persons or perspectives that are infrequently heard

Job Description

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