2019 Huntley Rd Waterline Relocation

In preparation for the upcoming NE Gateway project, the City has contracted J&T Excavating LLC to replace a 12" water main on Huntley Rd.  As can be seen on the plans and the image below, the project extends from the Huntley Rd intersection with Worthington-Galena Rd to the railroad tracks approximately 1500’ to the south.

area map

Most work will be limited to the south bound lane. Two-way traffic will be maintained throughout the project with minor disruptions due to equipment movement.  South bound traffic will be detoured for approximately one week later in the project for the boring under railroad tracks.

The work is expected to begin in late July with traffic control setup and pavement cutting.  Soon after, excavation will begin near Worthington-Galena Rd. The work zone will slowly work southward with the placement of the new waterline.

Once the new waterline is in place, tested, chlorinated and charged, crews will begin moving water services from the old main to the new. This changeover does involve some period of water service loss typically lasting about an hour. The contractor will notify affected residents and businesses in advance.  The project is expected to take 90 days.

We appreciate your patience during the process and encourage you to drive slowly in the work zone in order to protect the workers improving our infrastructure.

Questions can be directed to the Service & Engineering Department at 614-431-2425.