Worthington Pools Funding

The City of Worthington is studying potential funding options for the Worthington Pools, in response to a request to provide funding for repair, renovation or replacement of Pools facilities. 

Worthington Pools is comprised of the outdoor pools and natatorium on the grounds of Thomas Worthington High School. Worthington Pools is run by Swiminc, Inc. which is a 501(c)3 private, nonprofit organization. Swiminc was established in 1953 for the purpose of operating the facilities and directing the programs of Worthington Pools. It is run by a volunteer Board of Directors and has a property lease and facility use agreements with Worthington Schools.   

Swiminc reports the need for major renovation or replacement of the outdoor pools and the natatorium. The organization is seeking a solution to the infrastructure needs associated with the outdoor pools and has requested the City provide funding for the capital investment. They have presented three options with varying levels of repair, renovation, and replacement. The costs associated with the options range from $10,300,000 to $15,400,000. View the Swiminc commissioned report outlining options and related costs.

In 2023, a working group was formed to discuss and evaluate the options. The working group includes representatives from the City, Schools and Swiminc. 

Survey Methods and Results

In July 2023, City Council authorized a survey to gather input from residents within the city limits and within the broader school district regarding this topic. The survey focused on awareness about the current condition of the pool, interest in or the importance of new investment in the facility, and views on renovation as compared to replacement. The City contracted with Fallon Research & Communications to conduct the survey. It was conducted via phone using random sampling, which is proven to be the best technique for representing the population. 

Paul Fallon presented the results of the survey at the October 16, 2023 City Council meeting. View Survey Results

City Council discussed the survey results and funding options at its November 6, 2023 meeting View Council Presentation

Next Steps

  • Continue to review information obtained from the survey.
  • Continue evaluation of funding options.
  • Discuss potential impacts on City Operating and Capital Improvements Program Budgets.
  • Discuss alternative funding options, including a potential ballot issue 
  • Finalize the chosen strategy.