Rights & Plea Descriptions

Your Rights in Mayor’s Court

  • Right to know the nature of the charge(s) filed against you
  • Right to know the identity of the person making the charge against you
  • Right to see and read the complaint filed against you
  • Right to obtain an attorney and to a reasonable continuance to secure an attorney
  • Right to reasonable bail or bond
  • Right to enter a plea of Not Guilty, Guilty or No Contest (described below)
  • Right to make a statement before sentencing
  • Right to have rights explained by the Mayor in open court


  • The court date listed on your ticket is your arraignment date.
  • At arraignment, the Court will ask you to enter a plea to the charge(s).
  • This is NOT your trial date.


  • Not Guilty – A denial of guilt – case will be set for trial on a later date.
  • Guilty – a complete admission of guilt.
  • No Contest - not an admission of guilt, but is an admission of the truth of the facts alleged in the complaint or ticket and such admission cannot be used against you in any subsequent civil or criminal proceedings.