Trial Procedures

If you wish to contest your ticket:

  • You must enter a plea of Not Guilty
    • This can be done on your initial court date (the court date on your ticket.)
    • This can also be done any time that the Clerk of Court office is open prior to your initial court date.
    • Your initial court date will not be your trial date.
  • The Clerk of Court staff will set a trial date.
  • The Court will automatically issue a subpoena to the police officer or person who filed the charge.
  • If you want a witness to come to court for the trial, you must file a request with the Clerk of Court for a subpoena to be issued. This request must be filed at least seven days prior to the trial.
  • When you appear on your trial date you do not need to check in with the Clerk of Court office. You will simply need to sign in on the sign-in sheet in the courtroom. Your name will be called when the Court is ready to hear your case.

The trial process is:

  • Opening statements by both sides.
  • The prosecution presents its case.
  • You will be given an opportunity to cross-examine any prosecution witnesses.
  • You will present your defense.
  • The prosecution will be given the opportunity to cross-examine any defense witnesses.
  • Each side will then present a closing argument.
  • The Mayor then makes a finding of guilty or not guilty.
  • Court costs are only assessed if you are found guilty.