Village Green Walking Tour

Village Green Map 4.29.2021

The Worthington Arbor Advisory Committee invites you to take a self-guided walking tour of our city's historic central park: The Village Green.

The Village Green is one of the oldest public parks in Ohio. Since 1803, at the founding of the Village of Worthington, our Green has been the center of village life and an important part of our New England heritage. The Green's picturesque shaded brick walkways still invite residents and visitors to stroll and enjoy a lovely day. Clustered around the Green are many of the city’s original churches and commercial buildings in the historic business district. The Green is also used regularly for festivals, concerts, and Worthington's annual Market Day. 

Worthington's Village Green is enhanced by the canopy of beautiful trees. The Green would not be what it is—our public gathering place—without a well-planned and cared-for landscape. The Worthington Arbor Advisory Committee encourages you to spend some time getting to know our trees as you visit and shop in our historic downtown.

This guide includes a map of all the trees on the Village Green. Each tree is given a number to help you locate its description in the Guide. The common and scientific names are given first, followed by a brief overview of the species.

Please patronize our Old Worthington Business District while you are visiting the Green!