Firehouse Tours

An inside look at a fire station is a perennial favorite among both children and adults. Worthington Fire & EMS offers this opportunity to individuals and to groups. It is preferred that tours be scheduled in advance so as to avoid conflicts with other activities such as training, meals, and vehicle and building maintenance.

Tours are normally available Monday-Saturday at 7:00 p.m. and are limited to one per 24-hour shift. Please call the administrative line at 614-885-7640 during normal business hours to schedule a tour.

Emergency runs take priority over all other events, so even with a scheduled tour you could end up discovering there is no one at the fire station when you arrive. If you encounter this situation, we suggest you wait ten minutes to see if the emergency vehicles and personnel return. If not, you are welcome to walk the grounds to at least see the exterior areas and to visit the Firefighter Memorial Park. It is a good idea to have a backup activity plan ready in case the firefighters do not return.

Individuals and groups arriving for tours are asked to enter the east parking lot off Worthington-Galena Road. There is parking available there and at the adjacent city hall lot. Please enter via door 1 across from the park. If no one is in the reception area, push the yellow button on the vestibule wall.

FF Gear Demo at Firehouse