Housing Assessment

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The City of Worthington is undertaking a Housing Assessment to gather background information to help inform future housing strategies in anticipation of a Comprehensive Plan update in 2024.  The Housing Assessment will include a review of existing housing needs and an understanding of current and future housing supply and demand, while also looking at housing surrounding Worthington.  

Housing Survey

Worthington recently conducted a housing survey to evaluate current housing needs within the City and surrounding area. The results of the survey will inform the overall housing assessment and may be incorporated into a housing plan for the City. 


The Housing Assessment includes a review of existing housing needs, an understanding of current and future housing supply and demand, identification of barriers to development, the impact of the city’s zoning code on meeting housing needs, and the regional housing finance landscape with consideration of current demographics, fiscal and market trends for the region, and the potential impact on market rates for rent and home values in the area. The assessment will identify possible options or strategies to fulfill these objectives that would be evaluated further in a Comprehensive Plan Update and/or the development of a focused Housing Strategy or Plan for the City.

The housing assessment kicked off in August 2023 with an introductory meeting between the consultant, Camoin Associates, and City Staff. The consultant team is reviewing existing studies, initiatives and plans as a starting point. They are also undertaking updated data collection on housing, demographic, and economic data while looking at demographic trends and projections. There will also be an existing housing inventory that will provide valuable information that will be utilized when the City undertakes a Comprehensive Plan update in 2024. Public engagement will include interviews and meetings with interested parties as well as the housing needs survey. The project is anticipated to be completed by summer 2024. Please see the linked documents below for more information: 

Resolution #03-2023 Directing the City Manager to Conduct a Housing Study

Resolution #44-2023 Contract with Camoin Associates for a Housing Study

Camoin Housing Assessment Proposal

Information & Feedback

For questions and comments, please email Lee Brown at planning@worthington.org or call the Department of Planning and Building at (614) 431-2424.