Address Markings

A major part of our planning and readiness that you can assist with is making sure your home or business has its address clearly visible from the street. To see if it meets the required standards, stand at the curb in front of your home or business and ask yourself the following:

  • Is the numerical address posted on your home or business?
  • Are the numbers of Arabic font and at least 3" in height?
  • Do the numbers contrast to the color of the surface on which they are mounted?
  • Do the numbers have an unobstructed view from the street?

If the answer to any of the questions is "NO", then emergency responders may have difficulty finding you when precious seconds count. We feel this is of such importance that the City of Worthington has adopted these requirements as part of their Codified Ordinances. The above points make homes and businesses easier to find, especially at night and in bad weather. Not all emergencies are evident outside a structure. . . medical, police and even fire emergencies are often impossible to recognize from the street. It is common for emergency responders to spend significant time finding and address when buildings are not marked, or poorly marked.

(PHOTO: Visible Address Best Practice)

Good Address Markings 2

Please make certain that your home or business meets all of the requirements above. Pay special care to the last two items on the list! Numbers that don't contrast with their surroundings may look pretty, but are often difficult to see at night or in bad weather. Numbers painted on a curb are likewise difficult to see at night or in the rain, and they are completely hidden by snow in the winter.

No Contrast (Number is "25")

Address No Background Contrast

Obscured Behind Glass

Obscured Behind Glass

On Curb Blocked by Snow

Addresses on Curb Not Compliant