The 2022 Street Tree Program is Now Open

How It Works

Each year, the City of Worthington offers City residents the opportunity to purchase trees for planting along the street right of way in front of their homes, usually between the street and sidewalk, at half the price they would pay purchasing their tree at a nursery or plant store. The trees offered for sale are recommended by the Worthington Arbor Advisory Committee, a volunteer group of experts who consider several biological and environmental factors when selecting tree species. For more information please read Street Tree FAQ's.


The goal of the program is to have tree-lined streetscapes in every Worthington neighborhood. This will enhance the beauty of our neighborhoods, contribute to energy savings, filter storm water runoff and enhance property values in our community. The photos on the right illustrate the growth and effect of street trees over a 30-year span. Photos are courtesy of Ohio State University and the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.


Trees Before.jpg


Trees After.jpg

Cost Sharing 

The cost of the trees and planting is shared by the homeowner and the City. The cost to the homeowner is $90 per tree. The City pays the balance and for planting. Every tree planted will be guaranteed for 18 months (or two growing seasons), with one replacement tree offered during the guarantee period. You will be expected to water the trees during dry weather. The City will prune all street trees once every five years at no cost. 

Now accepting orders.

For help with your street tree questions, including species selection and spacing, call the City’s certified arborists at (614) 786-7368. You may also learn more about the street trees in the City of Worthington by clicking here for a street tree map of Worthington designed to help you research which species is right for you.