Available Species

Available Species
Planting Standards

The information provided is meant to encourage choices compatible with planting locations while minimizing damage to public improvements and promoting species diversity. Please read thoroughly prior to making any selection.

There are standards for minimum distances between where you plant the tree and existing features along your street. Plant street trees no closer than 35 feet from a corner intersection or 5 feet from a driveway, so that the tree won’t block visibility and become a traffic hazard. Allow at least 15 feet between a tree and a light pole or the tree will block the light and create dark spots at night. Stay at least 10 feet away from a fire hydrant and 2 feet from your property line. Also stay 15 feet from any street sign. For assistance with tree placement contact a Worthington City Arborist by calling (614) 786-7368.

Small Trees

The following trees are offered for tree lawns that measure 3’ to 6’ wide. These trees are suitable for planting under overhead utilities. These varieties should only be planted in situations where overhead growth restrictions exist. Minimum spacing between trees 15’.

Ohio Native
Red Bud flowers, pollinator
Serviceberry flowers, fall color, edible fruit, pollinator
Canada Red Select Chokecherry (cultivated variety) flowers, fall color, edible fruit, nesting, butterflies/moths, pollinator
Japanese Tree Lilac summer flowers
Paperbark Maple unusual bark, fall color

Medium Trees

The following trees are offered for tree lawns that measure 5’ to 8’wide. They are not suitable for planting under utility lines. Minimum spacing between trees 20’.

Ohio Native
Native Flame American Hornbeam - fall color
Red Maple fall color, nesting, butterflies/moths

North American Native
American Yellowwood flowers, fall color, pollinator
Magnifica Hackberry fall color, nesting, butterflies/moths, pollinator
Redmond Linden flowers used by honeybees

State Street Maple hardy, fall color
Hybrid Elm vase shape, resistant to dutch elm disease
Golden Rain Tree flowers
Hardy Rubber Tree resistant to insects and disease
Turkish Filbert edible nuts
European Hornbeam narrow in youth
Galaxy Magnolia flowers
Crimson King Maple showy maroon leaves
Norwegian/Pacific Sunset Maple - Hardy, fall color
Crimson Sunset Maple - Showy maroon/red foliage

Large Trees

The following trees are offered for tree lawns that measure 8 feet or more in width. They are not suitable for planting under utility lines. Large trees should be planted at least 35 feet from any structure. Minimum spacing between trees 30’.

Ohio Native
Kentucky Coffeetree fall color, butterflies, moths
Swamp White Oak fall color, nesting, butterflies, moths
Red Oak fall color, nesting, butterflies/moths
Thornless Honeylocust cultivated variety, flowers, fall color, nesting, pollinators, butterflies/moths

North American Native
Bald Cypress food, nesting, butterflies/moths

London Planetree urban tolerant
Silver Linden attractive foliage
Japanese Zelkova  Vase-shaded with upright arching branches, fast grower