Our mission is greater than a single concise statement because our service to the community is tailored to many diverse needs. Our core values of Integrity, Respect, Commitment, Honesty, and Professionalism serve as guiding principles in all our actions. 

The mission of the Worthington Division of Police is to foster a partnership with the community that enhances all aspects of the quality of life. We believe this mission is best accomplished by being responsive to changing community needs and by being responsible for our own actions at all times. 

Excellence in law enforcement is achieved by balancing all aspects of law enforcement while maintaining the highest of ethical standards. We recognize that accepting the responsibility of service to the City of Worthington requires that we be held to a high standard, conscious of how we are viewed by others at all times. Each officer should strive to continuously improve law enforcement knowledge and performance.

Every member of the Worthington Division of Police is a crime prevention practitioner, attempting to reduce the threat of criminal activity that causes fear in our community. We will strive to anticipate potential crime problems and implement plans to proactively prevent their occurrence. When criminal activity does occur, we will respond promptly and professionally, never forgetting the needs of victims of the crime. Active participation in community activities is encouraged for all personnel, as personal involvement can increase our understanding of our city.

We will always be alert to the constant necessity for impartial enforcement action, recognizing the need for understanding of diverse cultures, lifestyles, and age groups. Enforcement action is one part of a complete officer; we emphasize courtesy and fairness in all situations. 

We will accomplish our goals as a team. We will evaluate our direction at every opportunity without fearing change. Every person in the Worthington Division of Police has a voice in our direction and shares in the corresponding responsibility for our successes and failures.

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