Recognition/Complaint Procedure


Quite often a citizen might observe that a Police Department employee has performed his or her duties in a noteworthy manner, and wonder how to go about bringing this to the attention of the Worthington Division of Police. You may contact the Division by phone or mail and the employee will be recognized for the service they provided.


The Division of Police partners with the Citizens of Worthington in promoting a safe environment to reside in. In order for the Division to be successful in this mission, we must instill confidence and fidelity that the Division of Police will maintain the highest standard of integrity. It is essential that public confidence be maintained by the Division of Police in order to investigate and resolve complaints, allegations of misconduct or inaction of its employees. The welfare of the public and the rights of employees will be safeguarded and preserved at all times. The investigations are to be conducted impartially with truth and justice as the optimum objective. The Division will accept all complaints against the Division or its employees and fully investigate them. All complaints and allegations of misconduct against the Worthington Division of Police or its employees will be resolved.

You may initially bring any problems to the attention of the Worthington Division of Police by mail, phone or in person. The Worthington Division of Police suggests the following steps to resolve any questions you may have: If you have a complaint about an employee or the way a service was provided you may call (614) 885-4463 and request to talk to a supervisor. You may be requested by the communications technician to leave a phone number or address where you can be contacted, as your request will be relayed to a supervisor.

If your complaint cannot be resolved at step one or the complaint is of a serious nature, you may file a formal written complaint or, in some instances, be requested by the Division to file a formal written complaint. If the Division makes this type of request, a form is supplied to document the incident. This formal written complaint will be investigated by the Internal Affairs Investigator. A written confirmation will be sent to you confirming the matter is under investigation. Once the investigation is completed, you will receive a letter informing you of the findings and the outcome of the investigation.

If you have any questions about this process or any questions about the Worthington Division of Police activity, contact the Division of Police at (614) 885-4463 and ask to speak with the supervisor on duty.