Special Duty

Special Duty refers to the hiring of off-duty officers for security, traffic control, and escorts.

Types of Off-Duty Services


Providing security and maintaining order at various events and businesses.

Traffic Control

Directing and facilitating traffic flow at various events and construction sites.


Escorting the transportation of heavy or oversized equipment where a City or State permit is required. The Worthington Division of Police does not perform Funeral Escorts.


Special duty assignments will not be performed:

  • To provide body guard services;
  • Where performance implies participation in partisan politics;
  • At establishments where the primary business is the sale or consumption of alcoholic beverages;
  • At any other assignment conflicting with established policies set by the Worthington Division of Police.

Special duty officers are primarily hired to maintain order, provide security, facilitate traffic flow, and take action against violations of the law. They should not be involved in the enforcement of house rules or other administrative duties except to encourage compliance through police presence and to take action to prevent illegal acts or disorderly conduct. The Worthington Division of Police does not accept requests to pre-assign specific officers to a particular event or assignment.


Approval of a request to hire off-duty police officers is at the sole discretion of the Worthington Division of Police. We also reserve the right to decline job requests that may be deemed inappropriate for police officers. A history of non-payment of wages or fees associated with the hiring of special duty officers is also grounds to deny your request and to revoke future job requests.

Assignments are Voluntary

Officers participate in Special Duty on a voluntary basis. Therefore, our ability to fill your request is based on the availability of off-duty officers seeking special duty assignments. The Special Duty Section cannot guarantee that all job requests will be filled.

How to Request a Special Duty Officer

The special duty coordinator manages all requests for off-duty police services. A 48-hour notice before your event must be given to enhance the possibility of your request being filled. It is the responsibility of the requestor to follow up with the coordinator in charge of Special Duty to find out if a request has been filled. Contact the special duty coordinator at 972-472-1313.