Community Service Officer

The Community Services Officer (CSO) is a position dedicated to improving and addressing community issues as they relate to public safety within the City of Worthington. The CSO serves as the agency’s liaison with all schools within the City of Worthington and works with the criminal investigative unit in addressing juvenile related crime issues. The CSO also coordinates crime prevention efforts with residents and the business community. As part of the CSO’s community responsibilities, the following services are also available:

Group Tours

The Worthington Division of Police, located at 6555 Worthington-Galena Road, is a perfect tour site for members of the community to learn about law enforcement and the services that we provide.
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Security Survey

The CSO will visit homes and businesses and provide tips on how to better secure your home or business. The officer will walk through your home/business checking items such as window & door locks and security systems. They will also make recommendations regarding lighting, landscaping and other crime prevention efforts that could help deter a criminal.

Speaker Services

The CSO will coordinate to provide complimentary speakers on a variety of law enforcement topics including personal safety, home security and legal issues.


laimed /Forfeited and Surplus Property

The CSO oversees the program for the City of Worthington Police Division public auctions of unclaimed / forfeited and surplus property. The auctions are held online via the internet on the Gov Deals website.

Officer Tammy Floyd is the Community Services Officer and can be reached to schedule any of the above service or to discuss a public safety issue that you may have. Community Service Officer Tammy Floyd can be reached at (614) 436-8634.