Litter Prevention & Removal

Litter Prevention and Removal

The City of Worthington continually strives to be a beautiful place to live and work. Part of this effort is the messy job of litter pick-up. Although our City has garnered SWACO's White Glove Award, Worthington still has to deal with litter.

In addition to the City staff performing weekly litter pick up along the City's busiest roadways, two organizations are currently participating in the Adopt-A-Roadway program. Our thanks to the following organizations for their dedicated service to the community:

  • The Ohio Farm Bureau Federation - Linworth Rd. - from Snouffer Rd. to Godown Rd.
  • New England Lodge #4, F.A.M. - Huntley Rd. - from Rt. 161 to Worthington-Galena Rd.

If your group, neighborhood, or organization would like to Adopt-A-Roadway in Worthington, please contact the Solid Waste Authority at 614-871-5100.

How to Report A Litterbug

While the City strongly commends litter pick-up efforts, the City wants to stop littering from occurring in the first place. Please remember, that littering is against the law. As part of the Litter Watch program, Police Departments all over the County, including Worthington, are keeping their eyes out for litterbugs. You too can do your part by reporting littering at the Nail-A-Dumper Hotline 614-871-5322 or by visiting Its a Crime website.

How Nail-A-Dumper Hotline Works:

1. If you see someone littering: jot down

  • License plate #
  • Make/model of vehicle
  • Description of person
  • Time, Date, Location of littering

2. Report it : Call 614-871-5322 or or by visiting Its a Crime website, and remember reporting is anonymous.

3. Violator will receive a letter in the mail from the Franklin County Sheriff's Office describing the illegal act committed and the litter laws. Litter is ugly to look at, harmful to animals and the environment, and is expensive to clean up. The City of Worthington encourages its residents to do their part in making the City beautiful. For more information on the City's litter collection and prevention efforts, please contact the Worthington Department of Service & Engineering at 614-431-2425.