Right of Way Work Permits

What is the Right-Of-Way (ROW)?

The Right-Of-Way is defined as the area around any public street, road, highway, freeway, lane, path, way, alley, court, sidewalk, boulevard, parkway, drive or easement.

Where is the Right-Of-Way?

In most Worthington neighborhoods, the Right-Of-Way includes the street, curb, and the area between the street and the sidewalk. Contact the Worthington Department of Service & Engineering to determine exactly where the Right-Of-Way is at your address.

Do I need permission to work in the Right-Of-Way?

Yes! The City of Worthington regulates activity in the public right-of-way to promote public health and safety, and to protect public property. Therefore, you need a permit to perform any type of work in the Right-Of-Way.
There are four types of ROW work permits:
  • Cable Television Franchise
  • Telecommunication and Utility Permit
  • Special Permit - granted to persons of specific, limited use of the ROW
  • Residential Permit - granted to an adjacent or proximate residential landowner to occupy or use a portion of the ROW for residential-related purposes.
Any work contemplated in the ROW (gas line repairs, water service repairs, elaborate mailboxes) requires that residents secure a Right-of-Way Work Permit. Permit applications and related fees are submitted to the Director of Service & Engineering for review based on criteria outlined by City Code. No activity may begin in the ROW until the right-of-way work permit is approved and fees are submitted. Please contact the Worthington Department of Service & Engineering for an application.