Snow Removal

Winter Weather Policy
When winter weather hits Worthington, you can count on the Service & Engineering Department's quick response Snow Policy. To make streets as safe and clear as possible for those who live, work and travel through Worthington, service crews work until all streets are plowed or salted to pavement conditions that are safe and passable. Major thoroughfares, bridges, hills and bus routes receive priority, followed by residential streets.  Please see the Worthington Snow Policy for a full understanding of our winter weather operations.

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Driveway Shoveling Tips

In order to clear a street, plows must push snow to the side of the roadway. This creates a necessary but unfortunate consequence - snow pushed into driveways. The department asks for your understanding and offers the following suggestions:

  • Avoid shoveling snow into the street. Shoveling snow from your driveway into a street that has already been cleared may create safety hazards. Shoveling snow from your driveway into a street that has not been cleared will result in the snow being pushed back into your driveway by the plow.
  • When conditions exist that require snow plowing or salting, please move vehicles off the street. This greatly assists service crews in their efforts to keep streets safe and clear.
  • When shoveling near the end of your driveway, shovel snow to the side of the driveway on the far side of traffic flow. When snow is piled in this manner, plows will push it toward the curb and sidewalk and not back into the driveway approach. View the shoveling illustration for details.
Shoveling Illustration

When it snows, the City depends on its citizens and businesses to be helpful, responsible and aware of the need to remove all snow and ice from public sidewalks, including walks and ramps leading to a crosswalk. The department would like to remind residents that under City ordinance, property owners are responsible for clearing their sidewalks of snow and ice within 12 hours of daylight after any snowfall or accumulation of ice. This provides safe passage to all persons. If the City receives a formal complaint, the Director of Service & Engineering must issue a warning. If the property owner does not clear the area within 24 hours after receiving the notice, the City may have the sidewalk cleared and then bill the property owner.