Street Maintenance


The Street Maintenance Division oversees the maintenance and repair of the following.


The freezing and thawing on pavement causes the asphalt to expand and contract. This movement creates potholes. To report a pothole on a Worthington street, please call the division at (614) 431-2425.

Street Lights

American Electric Power (AEP) services all street lights in Worthington, except the Old Worthington light posts. To report a street light outage, please call the Department of Service & Engineering at (614) 431-2425. The department will notify AEP and oversee their work.

Street Sweeping

The department cleans all streets with curb and gutters once every five weeks between March and November as equipment, weather and manpower allows.  Residents may call the Service and Engineering Department to find out when the street sweeper is out and what neighborhoods it's working through.   Regular street sweeping keeps the City clean and prevents dirt and debris from going into storm sewers, thereby improving local water quality. The City asks residents to do their part by not putting materials in streets.

Traffic Signals

Find information about traffic signals in Worthington.

Street Use

View information on block parties, driveway installs and general obstructions.


Construction of any sidewalk within the public right of way by a property owner, agent or contractor first requires a permit from the director of service. There is no charge for this permit. For more information, please call (614) 431-2425. For details on the City's sidewalk and ramp programs, please call the Department of Service & Engineering at (614) 431-2425.