American Electric Power is the current electric service provider for the City of Worthington.
Please contact AEP directly at 1-800-277-2177 or by visiting the American Electric Power website.

Electric Aggregation Program

Worthington voters gave the City of Worthington the go-ahead to pool the community’s electricity buying power by approving an issue to establish the City as an electric aggregator. The goals of the City’s electric aggregation program are to lower household electric bills and increase renewable (green) energy usage. After receiving a number of proposals from energy suppliers, City Council has entered into an agreement with AEP Energy that will reduce the electric bills of participants and include the use of green energy certificates.  

Under the program, utility company AEP Ohio continues to carry, service and bill for the electricity service. The only change is in the generation source of the electricity which is identified as AEP Energy on the bill. See details here


To report power outages, AEP requests that all individual power outages be reported. Do not assume your neighbor has already called in. Your next door neighbor may be on a different line. AEP will restore power in the following order:

  • 1st - Hospitals, Police, Fire Services
  • 2nd - Main lines/circuits
  • 3rd - Branch lines
  • 4th - Lines to individual customers.

To report an outage, call AEP directly at 1-800-277-2177 or visit the American Electric Power Outages and Problems webpage.

Tree Issues

City crews do not maintain trees in and around power lines. AEP crews and their contractors deal directly with those issues. To report a tree issue visit the American Electric Power Report Tree Problem webpage.

 Fallen lines and Safety Issues

City crews do not deal with fallen power lines or electric line safety issues. To report a problem directly to AEP, call (800) 277-2177

Street Lights

The City of Worthington only maintains the Historical Lamp Posts that are painted green. The posts are along High St. from North St. to South St., and 161 from Morning St. to Evening Street. To report one of these lamps out, call our Service & Engineering Department at 431-2425.

All other street lights are owned and serviced by AEP. To report a problem with one of these lights, visit the American Electric Power, Report a Streetlight Problem webpage.