Sewer Utilities

The Sewer Utilities Division of the Department of Service & Engineering takes care of the Capacity, Maintenance, and Operations Management (CMOM) of the City's sewer systems. There are two different types of systems-storm sewers and sanitary sewers. The two systems are not connected and operate independently of one another.

Sanitary Sewers

The sanitary sewer system carries waste water, wash water and flush-able solids to Columbus' Sewerage Treatment plant. Crews maintain miles of sewer line through a combination of remote camera inspections, line cleaning, spot repair, and herbicidal treatment. Occasionally blockages do occur and cause a backup of sewage. To prevent problems in your sewer line, never put non-biodegradable items (cloth, diapers, feminine sanitary products), grease, or food materials in your sewer line (sink or toilet). To report a suspected backup, call the Service & Engineering Department at 431-2425 from 7:30AM to 4:30PM. Evenings and weekends, call 885-4463 and crews will be dispatched to investigate your problem.

Only a sewer installer licensed with the City of Columbus, after obtaining a permit with the City of Worthington, may install or repair a sewer lateral.  Sewer laterals, including the “wye” at the main, are the property owner’s responsibility.  Excavation in the right-of-way requires a work in right-of-way permit.
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Storm Sewers

Catch Basin Storm sewers are designed to carry rain water only, and drain it away from the Right-Of-Way. The City of Worthington currently works with the Ohio EPA to implement programs that minimize pollution and the effect of storm water on Ohio's waterways. This includes reporting spills and illegal dumping into catch basins. To report spills or dumping, call our office at 431-2425. To learn more visit our storm water page.
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Home Sewage Treatment Systems/Septic Systems (HSTS)
The City of Worthington contracts with Columbus Health to regulate Home Sewage Treatment Systems, also known as Septic Systems. Only 90 properties within Worthington utilize these systems.  Property owners must register their systems with Columbus Health and arrange to have a licensed service provider inspect and maintain their systems annually.  To learn more about maintaining and permiting your septic system, visit Home Sewage Treatment Systems for Homeowners.