Neighborhood Grants

Neighborhood Development Grants

Application Deadline Extended until June 1, 2016

View the 2016 Neighborhood Development Grant Application (PDF)

Program Provides Assistance with Neighborhood Initiatives to Worthington Residents

Have you ever wanted to start up a civic group in your neighborhood or work on a beautification project on your street, but didn’t have the money or resources to get it going? Now is your chance to make a difference in your neighborhood.

The City of Worthington and the Worthington Community Relations Commission are inviting resident groups to apply for a Neighborhood Grant in 2016. The purpose of this grant program is to:
  • provide financial incentives
  • create opportunities for neighbors to work together
  • form neighborhood organizations
  • make improvements in their neighborhoods
  • develop programs that promote neighborhood cohesiveness
Making connections with your neighbors is essential to creating strong communities and can promote safety, unity and friendships.

Grants of up to $500 will be awarded for projects that:
  • demonstrate a public benefit
  • promote neighborhood identity
  • aid in the development of a neighborhood organization
  • increase neighborhood safety
  • implement neighborhood beautification efforts
  • build a sense of community in neighborhoods
For questions, or more information, email or call Lori Trego at (614) 854-7171.