Purpose & Goals

The Worthington International Friendship Association (WIFA) invites you to learn and live in a diverse community, country and world.


WIFA seeks to foster intercultural friendships, welcome international newcomers and learn and experience cultural differences - because we believe that understanding different cultures and customs is essential for living in today's global community.


The world is becoming a smaller place. In the 1800s, it took months for news to travel around the world. In the early 1900s, it took weeks. Through today's technology, we can see events as they unfold anywhere in the world. WIFA is an organization dedicated to learning and living together on today's shrinking globe. We are committed to providing a community where:
  • Educational opportunities about different cultures flourish
  • Intercultural friendships can grow
  • International residents and visitors can feel welcome


We seek to accomplish these goals through monthly activities where members learn about life around the world, experience the sites, sounds and tastes of different cultures, share personal experiences and develop friendships that will last a lifetime. Activities and events include:
  • Ethnic dinners
  • International festival celebrations
  • Lectures and slide shows
  • Study and discussion groups