Heat Injuries

Every summer we see an increase in heat related injuries. Before we begin, a reminder that an ounce of prevention...

The best way to avoid trouble in the summer heat is to be sensible. If you're out in the heat, dress as comfortably as possible. Seek cool areas when you can - shade, air conditioning, etc. Don't over do it and know your limitations. Children and the elderly may have much lower tolerance levels - on hot days they should stay indoors in air conditioning. Never leave children or pets unattended in vehicles in warm weather.

Stay well hydrated! If you know you'll be in the heat, begin drinking water early and often. Keep drinking water while you're out in the heat. You should maintain enough water intake to still require a restroom regularly. Water is the #1 thing your body needs. Sport drinks don't hurt, but they can't replace by themselves the large quantities of water your body requires if you've been sweating a great deal.

Now to get a bit more technical - we've broken down the signs, symptoms and treatments for the three classifications of heat injuries below. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us
Type of Injury Symptoms Severity Care
Heat cramps sweating
muscle cramps
Low remove to a cool area
replenish lost fluids
local massage for cramping muscles
Heat exhaustion clammy and sweating
fatigue / exhaustion
Moderate CALL EMS / 9-1-1
remove to a cool area
replenish lost fluids
follow-up care may be needed
Heat stroke lack of sweating
possible seizures
hot and dry
Life threatening CALL EMS / 9-1-1
remove from heat, cool patient with ice or cold water
do not give fluids to an unconscious victim