Development Comparisons

The UMCH site is 42 acres in size. It can be difficult to perceive how much of any type of land use or development can be accommodated on a site this size. The attached exhibits help to convey the size of this area relative to development you may be familiar with in other places within Central Ohio. These exhibits are intended to provide context and help inform the discussion. They are not recommendations for any particular type of use for the UMCH site. For more information view the Development Comparisons (will open in a new window.)

The first exhibit is an aerial photograph of the United Methodist Children’s Home and surrounding community. The 42-acre site boundary is highlighted in red (note that it excludes the Sunrise Senior Living Center). In each of the following exhibits, this 42-acre site boundary is overlaid on an aerial photograph of another area at the same scale for comparison. The location being shown is labeled at the bottom right of each exhibit, and some context photographs from the area are included along the right-hand side. We hope you find these informative.

The Development Comparisons included are as follows:

  1. Existing UMCH site [institutional use]
  2. Old Worthington [mixed-use village center]
  3. A part of Worthington Estates neighborhood [single-family lots, similar density to surrounding neighborhood]
  4. Beechwold area at High Street just north of Henderson Road [High St. retail with close-knit neighborhood behind]
  5. Ashton Grove in New Albany [high-end single-family cluster development with green space]
  6. Old Gahanna/Creekside [mixed-use area with compact street grid]
  7. Harrison Park, south of W 3rd Avenue [single-family row houses, apartments, and park]
  8. Neighborhood Launch on Gay Street in downtown Columbus [high-end townhomes, apartments, and park]
  9. Grandview Yard in Grandview Heights [mixed-use office, retail, & residential]
  10. Easton Oval at Easton [corporate office and central park]
  11. New Albany Village Center [townhomes, retail, park, natural stream corridor]
  12. Park of Roses [park, natural corridor, athletic fields, recreation center]