West Wilson Bridge Road Multi-Use Trail

Current Project Status

September 5, 2014
The trail is open and available for use. New curbs have been added at the Olentangy Parklands entrance and at the intersection of Old Wilson Bridge Road. The contractors are going to touch up and refresh the landscaping, replace any dead trees and plant materials, and reseed areas where grass didn’t take the first time to wrap the project up over the next two weeks.

Project Background

The Wilson Bridge Road Corridor Study was completed in 2011. A key focus of the plan was economic development along the corridor. Promoting social and physical connections was identified as a key element of the overall redevelopment strategy. The study identified a multi-use trail connecting the Olentangy Parklands up to High Street along Wilson Bridge Road and continuing to McCord Park and the Community Center.
The Wilson Bridge Multi-Use Trail has also appeared in other City Planning documents including previous Comprehensive Plans. Worthington officials have long sought an east-west connector to help move pedestrians and cyclists across the city and to connect to and complement the very popular Olentangy Trail. Regional trail planning documents and maps have shown the Wilson Bridge Road Trail as a key connector in the region as well.

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