Project Design

The 1.1 mile multi-use trail will stretch from the Olentangy Parklands up to the intersection of Wilson Bridge Road and High Street. The first half mile will be 8 foot wide trail. The trail will continue onto Old Wilson Bridge Road with the use of sharrows. The final 0.1 mile segment will revert to 8 foot wide trail along the edge of the Chase Bank property.

Three different alignments were considered:
1. North side of Wilson Bridge Road
2. South side of Wilson Bridge Road
3. Along I-270
The north side was the preferred alignment due to cost and safety factors. The City held a meeting with neighbors in October 2013 to discuss trail details. There were challenges due to the need to remove about 90 trees, mostly Osage Orange trees, during construction. Many residents shared concerns about the trees leading to a community based planning process on landscape replacement along the trail. Many of the trees in question were dead or dying but the impact of losing that many trees at one time was going to be great so additional resources were allocated to ensure an aggressive replacement plan. The landscape plan started to be developed at the end of October. The City held additional meetings with neighbors and the Arbor Advisory Committee in November 2013 to discuss landscaping details. A final plan was brought to the Planning Commission and approved at their November 14 meeting.

Bidding and Construction

The project was put out to bid in December with Council awarding the project in January. Construction is scheduled to begin in March with the tree removals needing to occur by the end of March due to federal regulations regarding the Indiana Bat habitat. The trail and all of the landscaping replacements are scheduled to be completed by the end of June.

Additional Information

Design Narrative by OHM Advisors
Landscape Plan images and renderings by OHM Advisors

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