Northeast Gateway Project

Huntley - Wilson Bridge - Worthington Galena Realignment Project

The City of Worthington is partnering with the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission (MORPC) and the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) to improve congestion and traffic flow at the intersection of Huntley Road, Wilson Bridge Road, and Worthington Galena Road, which is also known as the "Northeast Gateway." Planning for this major realignment project began in 2013 to address safety and congestion issues at the problematic intersection.  Funding for the project is provided through a combination of MORPC Attributable Funds, ODOT, The Ohio Public Works Commission, and local dollars. The total cost is just under $18 million. 

What is Happening with the Project Now?

Road construction has ended for the winter.  All paved lanes of roadway have now opened to traffic for the winter months.   The newly aligned intersection is open and operational with no current lane restrictions.  Crews will be completing "off line" work installing signal equipment, street lighting and electrical systems.

New Roadway Now Open!

  • Crews have completed constructing the new intersections and all lanes are open to traffic for the winter.
  • Old Worthington Galena will remain closed permanently.  Businesses can be accessed off Worthington Galena South to Old Worthington Galena Rd., or from Huntley Rd. 

Road Construction will continue spring 2022.

  • Crews will return to complete final paving, striping and lane markings.
  • Street lighting and traffic signals will be powered up.
  • Some lane restrictions and temporary street closures will once again take place while work is completed in Spring 2022.

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What are they doing next? 

Now that all the new roadways and signals are open and in use, crews will finish removing the old roadways and complete new landscaping with lighting, walking paths, small park areas, a pond, signage and trees. Old Worthington Galena from just north of the railroad tracks to Huntley Rd. will become a dead-end cul-de-sac.  

How long with construction last?

Construction is expected to be completed by fall 2022.  In addition to the construction of a new roadway and intersection, the following improvements are taking place:

  • Realign Huntley Road and the north leg of Worthington-Galena Road to the east to facilitate through movements in the north-south direction.
  • Realign the south leg of Worthington-Galena Road to intersect Wilson Bridge Road west of the existing intersection.
  • Cul-de-sac the existing Worthington-Galena Road, south of E. Wilson Bridge Road.
  • New traffic signals at realigned intersections.
  • New pavement, pavement markings and roadway signs.
  • New Railroad Crossings.
  • New pedestrian facilities including sidewalks, shared-use paths and accessible curb ramps.
  • New pedestrian crossing countdown timers and push buttons at the signalized intersections.
  • New street lighting.
  • Improvements to Rush Run.

What will it look like when it's done?

Northeast Gateway Final Design by EMH&T  

Huntley Rd. Looking west down E. Wilson Bridge Rd

Huntley Rd. looking west down E. Wilson Bridge Rd.

Worthington Galena Rd Looking across E. Wilson Bridge to Huntley Rd.

Worthington Galena Rd. looking South to Huntley Rd.

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